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What is the best type of flooring for Indian homes?

What is the best type of flooring for Indian homes?

It is not uncommon to spend hours deciding on the interiors of our homes and the colors of our walls. What is the one thing that can have a big impact on how our space looks? You guessed it. The flooring can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. You don’t need to change it if you find the right one. Unless you really want to. But finding the right flooring for your home in India can be difficult and costly. Let us tell you what to do!

Best Flooring Ideas for Your House in India


Let’s get started because the flooring material is an essential component of making the right choice.

1. Marble

This material is highly sought after for flooring in Indian homes. Marble flooring is easy to maintain, durable, and beautiful, especially when used for flooring. You can also find exquisite marble flooring designs in a variety of patterns and finishes.

2. Vitrified tiles

These laminate flooring Wirral tiles look similar to ceramic tiles, but they also contain silica and clay. These tiles are easy to lay and procure. They can be purchased in many styles, patterns, and colours making them an attractive alternative to granite or marble. These tiles are slightly more expensive than ceramic because they contain silica and clay.

3. Vinyl

Vinyl is a great flooring choice for pets, regardless of how many times it’s used. Vinyl provides excellent traction, so your pet’s joints won’t be affected over time. It is an economical option that can be used anywhere in the house. It also has sound absorption properties. This is the perfect choice for people looking for warm flooring that resembles stone and hardwood.

Hardwood flooring is the best choice if you prefer neutral colours. The flooring’s brown color complements the other neutrals, as you can see. This type of flooring is best paired with solid wood furniture in traditional dark colors.

5. Indian Patent Stone

Indian Patent Stone (IPS), a basic flooring option, uses a concrete mixture and gives a rustic and raw finish. This is a tough material that is easy on the wallet and durable. The colour can be protected from stains and can be maintained with a wax coating or sealer.

6. Laminate

Have you ever wondered if hardwood is suitable for tropical climates? Or if laminate flooring from India would be a better option? Laminate tiles are basically tiles with a wood-like appearance but different properties.


1. Hexagon

Hexagonal tiles are the hottest trend in vintage interior design. It is a great tile choice for renovating an old home or creating a new space. A hexagonal tile has six edges. It is typically made from porcelain, natural stone, or ceramic.

2. Moroccan

Moroccan floor tiles are a great way to add energy and style to your home with their attractive patterns. This is probably why these tiles are so popular. Their colour palette has expanded from whites and blues to include more vibrant colors.

Comparison between the Best Flooring for Houses in India

1. Engineered Hardwood or Laminate

Engineered wood and laminate are two of the most popular wood flooring options on the market today. They are versatile, durable, and economical. Many homeowners don’t know the difference between laminate and engineered wood.

2. Granite vs Vitrified

You can achieve the look you want and increase your house’s value by carefully choosing the right flooring in India. Granite and vitrified tiles are often compared because of their popularity. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between these flooring options in terms of style, durability, cost, and style.

3. Marble vs. Vitrified

Vitrified tiles can be used for interior or exterior purposes. They are available in matte, glossy and anti-skid finishes. Marble can be found in a variety of colors, including white, black and brown. Different marble grades absorb water differently. Vitrified flooring tiles are easy to maintain and clean. However, you need to remove any spillages immediately from marble floors to avoid permanent damage.

4. Ceramic vs. Vitrified

Homeowners can become overwhelmed by the increasing number of options for flooring. This often leads to them making the wrong decision. This guide will help you understand the differences between vitrified tiles and ceramic tiles, and compare them against one another.

5. Wooden vs Tile

The best flooring can make your home look beautiful. We find ourselves at crossroads when deciding between wooden flooring and floor tiles. It’s not about the aesthetics, but also about functionality and feasibility. Learn more about Tile Flooring vs Wooden: Which is Better? Learn the differences between these two types.

6. Indian vs Italian Marble

There are two types of marble that are extremely popular in Indian homes: Indian marble and Italian marble. Both options are excellent choices for flooring. How do you choose the right marble for your home?

Room-wise Choices for the Best Flooring in a House in India


The Indian kitchen is the most used and frequently damaged space in a home. It can be difficult to choose functional and attractive kitchen tiles. You need flooring that is resistant to drops and spills. We hope you found this article interesting.


Bathroom flooring can make your space look bigger and more inviting. It can be difficult to choose the right bathroom flooring for you.

What’s Trending?

1. Terrazzo

Terrazzo floors can be made in any size and colour you like. Terrazzo is a versatile flooring option that homeowners can use to add drama and interest to their floors. Terrazzo floors are durable and can be installed in areas with high footfall. It is durable and can withstand wear and tear. Learn more about Terrazzo Flooring by reading Cost, Durability, and Variety: These are Just a Few Reasons Why Terrazzo is a Good Choice

Red Oxide

Red oxid flooring is back! This old-world classic takes us back to an era long gone. This flooring is red cement oxide flooring. This type of flooring was once very popular, but it has fallen in popularity since the introduction of fancy tiles. Many interior designers are returning to the traditional style of flooring. It’s both economical and environmentally friendly.

Best Flooring for Your House in India

Which flooring is best?

Hardwood is beautiful and has a lot of aesthetic appeal. Many homeowners are hesitant about choosing hardwood flooring because it requires special cleaning techniques to maintain its durability.

Laminates come in many colors and finishes. They are more durable than more expensive materials and can withstand heat, impact, and stains. Laminate surfaces can be damaged by constant use, just like any other material.

How to Install the Best Flooring in Your House in India?

Are you tired of looking at old mosaic tiles that are a decade old? Your flooring may need to be replaced due to the wear and tear it sees daily. You can also change the look of your rooms by re-flooring. Are you tired of boring floors? This handy checklist contains flooring replacement tips.

Our Favorites

To help you decide what is in, we have compiled a list that includes key elements of flooring trends. We have all the latest information about floor design trends, including colours and finishes as well as evergreen options.

We hope that you have now answered all your questions about flooring. You are now ready to make an informed decision!

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