Day: January 24, 2022

Ten Reasons Why Shows Are Better Than Movies

The era of streaming seems to have marked the end of serialized television. Viewers are increasingly turning to the internet to find the latest binge-worthy content in their own time. Some argue that television gives writers greater creative control over the material, and allows for more creativity.

10 Longer Runtime

Although it may seem obvious, this is the biggest difference between series and films that make them superior. People want more. This is why the average movie length has increased over time.

TV shows can spend more time on the story than any movie. A series can keep a story moving at a more natural pace, allow for more character development, and provide a sense of familiarity to the viewers. It is possible to binge-watch hours or watch a few episodes at a time. Sometimes a movie can feel sluggish, slow, or like a quick tease.

9 Rooms to Adapt and Change

Shows have more running time than movies, so they can grow and experiment on a different level. This ability to change and adapt throughout a long-running show can lead to a more diverse and interesting show with more characters and plots.

Sometimes, things can go wrong. An actor might leave the show or the themes may feel tired. But the show can save itself by creating something new and refreshing. Sometimes, a show can be forced to change and give it a new kind of life.

8 Infinite Possibilities

It can feel like all ideas have been exhausted when it comes to storytelling. Television has proven this to be false. Even if an idea isn’t completely original, a show can give a new twist to something familiar. This is why TV is more successful than films, considering the many opportunities that a show has for revival.

Despite TV’s apparent slowdown or reaching its peak, the series has allowed for greater creativity and experimentation over the years. New shows such as Barry and Big Mouth show that the envelope continues to be pushed.

7 Less Rating Restrictions

It is difficult to create convincing content that is both sexually explicit and relatable. Creators don’t want to feel restricted by what they can or can’t show. Although movies may be explicit, it is not easy to find a mainstream audience or get the movie into theaters.

Dramas such as Game Of Thrones and Breaking Bad have made great use of a restricted rating. There are also many late-night entries from Adult Swimming that push the envelope.

6 for a Specific Audience

There are many platforms, networks, and channels that offer shows to air. This makes it easy for shows to reach their target audience. While viewers might feel overwhelmed at times trying to keep up with the pace of the shows, the diversity is a great benefit for the rapidly expanding world population.

There is so much content available on many media platforms that consumers will find something they like. Television has expanded its boundaries to include almost every genre, which has made TV fans, from horror to historical fiction, more than happy.

Digestive Health: 5 More Minutes

It’s easy to forget movies if they’re not remarkable. But primetime television’s continuing story allows viewers time between episodes. A week can be spent watching an episode, absorbing new surprises and unexpected twists.

The age of streaming offers the possibility to rewatch shows whenever one likes. A story can be engraved in the mind of viewers through binging, which can make it more memorable than a movie.

4 Room for More Complex Stories

A show that can run for five seasons or more gives the story more scope than any movie. You can see major characters evolve, or even die to create a new story. It is possible to go for long periods without feeling like you are moving backward.

You can allow the production to breathe and grow with the audience. It will feel more personal and intimate. This allows for deeper connections and more memorable stories.

3 A hobby or pastime that is addictive

While renting a movie or going to the cinema will be memorable experiences, they are not always easy or convenient. Television shows can provide that same comfort, but with an addictive nature. These shows also provide a reliable source of entertainment that is more frequent.

It’s more fun to watch a show every week than just once in a while. Streaming allows you to watch at your own pace. Streaming makes it easier to follow along with shows. This makes it easier to follow a series through the entirety.

2 We are still in the golden age

The decade that saw major shows raise the bar in 2000s television was considered the new golden age. And the quality shows kept coming. This era isn’t over, as accessible and high-quality shows like Stranger Things continue to be popular.

Stranger Things is just one show that is universally appealing and has been well-received both by critics as well as audiences. It seems that New TV Series is poised to take over the film with their creativity at an all-time high and growing audiences.

1 More Control from Creators

People agree that big movie productions have always had a problem with general direction and control. There have been many debates about giving a franchise to a new director. When a company buys an idea, it can take it in a direction that is not in line with the original creators or fans.

Although this is not always true, shows are often treated differently by creators and directors. This allows for more authentic stories to be told the way they were originally envisioned.