Beautiful Candles That Look and Smell Amazing

Beautiful Candles That Look and Smell Amazing

Let me begin by admitting that I am a candle aficionado—I always have three burning in my apartment at any given time, and I have a shelf dedicated to “only for display” candles. After spending more time indoors than ever before, that desire has rekindled (bad pun completely intended). Most people will tell you that expensive candles aren’t worth it, but you and I both know that there’s nothing like lying on the couch next to a gorgeous candle that both looks and smells fantastic. From pine to wood sage to sea salt to vanilla bean, stock up on our finest options, which will see you through all four seasons.

Signature Candle for Hotel Lobby

If you’ve ever visited The Gracie Moon Scents Edition or 1 Hotel, you won’t need convincing to acquire Hotel Lobby’s distinctive scent, which is inspired by the two stylish hotel lobbies and contains notes of agarwood, vetiver, and atlas cedar. The candle has a 65-hour burn period.

22K Gold Nightclub Map of Harlem by Harlem Candle Co.

Use the “22K Gold Nightclub Map of Harlem” candle as a cocktail glass for your next Zoom happy hour after you’ve finished burning it. Ozone, cassis, and mandarin are combined with lily of the valley, pear, apple, and jasmin in the top notes, which are followed by dark notes of musk and sandalwood.

29 Palms Roen

Roen’s “29 Palms” candle transports you to a desert oasis after rain (think desert sage, cedar, eucalyptus, palo santo, and white musk).

Be F*cking Nice With The 125 Collection

It said exactly what it needed to say. The 125 Collection’s “Be Fucking Nice” candle has an 80-hour (!) burn period and comes in a variety of aromas, including lavender and sage, metallic rose, spicy blood orange, dazzling bitch, and tobacco blossom and vanilla.

Body with Gilded Trim Black Marble Scented Candle by Nero Marquina

Gilded’s magnificent black marble candle comes in nine different fragrances, depending on the season, and is the perfect accent to your coffee table. If you want to create a quieter environment, try “Misty Moor,” which has a perfume of lemongrass, jasmine, and green tea.

Burning Rose by Byredo

Byredo fans are most familiar with the brand’s “Bibliothéque” smell (which is presently sold out), but “Burning Rose,” with its blend of deep woods and crisp rose petals, is just as delightful.

FORVR’s Mood has been set to Read.

FORVR Mood, founded by Jackie Aina, wants Black women to get the self-care they deserve. When you need a reminder of how amazing you are, light the “Left on Read” candle, which has a lovely coconut milk sorbet smell.

Flora Mini Bundle by Boy Smells

“Prunus,” “Kush,” “LES,” “Gardener,” “Lanai,” and “Petal” are among the six distinctive smells offered by Boy Smells in a little package. Keep a couple for yourself and give the rest to your closest friends as a gift.

Prosecco Signature Candle by Marie Hunter Beauty

Marie Hunter’s prosecco candle is a crisp salute to the beauty and fragrance firm founder’s favorite wine, with up to 90 hours (!!) of burn duration. Satsuma citrus, muguet, apricot, and passionfruit are all present.

The First Light Candle of La Montaa

Light up La Montaa’s “First Light” wild flora aroma for a whiff of fresh mountain air in the morning while staring out your apartment window (same). It has notes of fennel, rosemary, rockrose, and mountain pepper.

Casablanca Candle by La Boticá

La Boticá’s Casablanca candle is a blend of fig leaf, galbanum, black currant, coconut, and cedarwood that was designed as a testament to Morocco’s spirit and landscape.

Candles from Apotheke Christmas in New York

Who says you can’t keep a festive candle burning all year? Apotheke’s wonderfully illustrated vanilla, citron, and cinnamon-scented candle will get you in the mood. Switch to the brand’s “From a Rooftop in August” candle when you’re in full summer mode.

After a Good Cry Candle, Cavo

After a good weep, light Cavo’s 100 percent organic soy wax candle (with an eclectic blend of rainwater, lavender, vanilla bean, and whiskey). We could all use one these days, I’m sure.


This candle belongs in the category of things I would obsessively buy with my Anthropologie discount while I worked there. The lovely Mokara aroma by Voluspa is a coconuty blend of goodness that will make any space feel fresh and clean.

Santal 26 Candle by LE LABO

It’s not quite as good as Le Labo’s legendary Santal 33, but it’s close. Santal 26 is a sensual blend of amber, coco, vanilla, cedar, spices, musk, and sandalwood with just a hint of intoxication.

Candle Diptyque Baies

Yes, this is the candle that your friend has been raving about for years, complete with limited-edition packaging (and for good reason). If you already have Baies, try Figuier or Verveine, which have a similar rosy scent to Baies.

Arabian Oud LUMIRA

Lumira’s Arabian Oud will transport you to the Middle East with an 80-hour burn period, owing to oud, a deep wood aroma combined with rose and sandalwood.

Anthropologie Capri Blue Candle in a Capri Blue Ombre Faceted Glass Jar

There’s a reason this is Anthropologie’s best-selling candle: it smells amazing. The perfection of its beachy scent—tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, limes, and mountain greens—can’t be denied. Here’s a lovely limited-edition exterior.

Wake Scented Candle by Brooklinen

With Brooklinen’s “Wake” candle, you can wake up near the sea. The home brand is known for its soft and comfortable linens, but it also has a small candle collection with one regular size or a four-piece mini candle set to choose from. The perfume “Nightcap” is also a favorite.

Candle for the Homeless

Play “A Thousand Miles,” Alexa. Homesick candles make wonderful gifts for friends and relatives who live far away, and they come in a variety of aromas to match the state you choose.

NEST Scented Linen Candle

With Nest’s linen candle, your home will smell like fresh laundry every day, even if you haven’t done laundry in three weeks. (I promise not to tell.)

Cedarwood + Lavender Outdoor Fellow No.15

Outdoor Fellow’s candles, which are handcrafted in New York City, never let you down. Lavender, cedarwood, pine needle, and a dash of rosemary make up No.15’s earthy blend. The Trust for Public Land, which safeguards the environment by preventing the development of public lands, receives 5% of the earnings.

Muse D’Or Ceramic Candle by Jonathan Adler

Instead of a beautiful piece of art, this porcelain candle can serve as a table centerpiece or a charming addition to your not-in-the-least-in-the-least-in-the-least-in-the-least-in-the-least-in-the-least-in-the-least-in-the-least-in-the-least- Its year-round smell of pink pepper and sage balsam is great for burning. Also worth noting: If you don’t want the wax to run out quickly, this candle warmer will release the smell without the need to ignite the wick.

Pion (P.F. Candle Co. No. 29)

This blend of amber, pepper, pine, cedarwood, and subtle vanilla will appeal to earth signs. The California-based company started as an Etsy pop-up shop and has now expanded to include West Elm stores across the country.

London’s Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Candle by Jo Malone

For all of you Jo Malone perfume fans, your room may now smell like your favorite aroma with this luxurious 45-hour candle.

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