I wanted to publish a full tier checklist for AFK Arena for any cause – most checklist I discovered either used old info and didn’t really provide the latest balancing modifications or they simply listed some heroes.

To me, a tier list comes with some explanation of why a hero is S+ or why another hero isn’t.

Also, many tier listings do make diverse tier details for middle of the video game (Level 160 and reduce) and late activity (Degree 160+). This doesn’t make many perceptions to me, so why do I would like to suggest a hero for somebody at Degree 120 when this hero won’t be of use in late activity? !

This is the reason I wanted to produce a full list for that hero that you need to go after which you need to have and ascend/degree up in AFK Market. Nevertheless, I also have many heroes in there which can be really worth utilizing in middle of the-game and very beneficial so having them is not really a waste of time ?

Overall Tier Checklist Here are heroes that perform well in every video game modes and that you should target and ascend and degree up. If this is not enough for you, check this tier list then!

S+ Tier (The lord Tier)

Listed here are the heroes which are simply too strong, inside a positive way ?


There are no two thoughts that Shemira is extremely powerful – for me, she is the greatest hero in AFK Industry in most game modes! She deals insane problems and her life leech also give her some really good toughness. Being a benefit she can also silence foe caster and stop them from casting any mends, cc or aeo has an effect on on your crew. In case you have her you will really like her role within your group, whatever game setting you#re playing her in.


Athalia is very close to Shemira for several good reasons. She not only offers enormous damage, she will also teleport directly after the begin to the foe on the opposite area and package enormous burst open harm and also avoid them from creating power for a short period of your time. This really is successful to take out a healer or hazardous caster inside the foe crew in the beginning, well, other than the truth that she offers huge problems during the whole battle ?


I understand this will be a controversial one particular but Tasi is merely really solid with her silencing and sleeping heroes. I don’t believe there’s a much more effective masses manage hero and you could use her generally in most game settings besides group searching.


You can’t speak the S+ Tier in AFK Industry with out Brutus on it. He is not just a traditional container while he also deals really nice problems, but his finest talent is living through a lethal hit and getting immune while whirwinding down opponents behind the frontline heroes. He don’t perform that properly in crew searching but everything he is pretty much a necessity-have, specifically in conjunction with Shemira.

S Tier (Exceptional Good)

Listed here are heroes that are also operating well.


The very first genuine tank on the list in addition to a really well-working one particular. He could reservoir some good harm and his ultimate will cast a defend around your entire crew which will help them recovery backup until he is able to use his best once more. Does not only seem really beneficial, it is actually – particularly if you mix him with Brutus as frontline heroes.


Of course, Nemora doesn’t seem like much but her healing will provide your team such a improvement in sturdiness along with her strong cures and you might have witnessed this in groups which have Nemora – it’s just about impossible to adopt them out except if you will take Nemora out. Her chraming ability can also be really beneficial and may transform the most powerful opponent heroes up against the enemy crew and also use their greatest against them. Lyca Generally I’d place her arther in the A Tier but the truth that she will make your group have the greatest ready faster at the beginning of a fight makes her this kind of crucial help in PvP that I positioned her here in the S Tier – and should you PvP she is absolutely obligatory to get within your group.


He (or it) also belongs in the S Tier in AFK Arena for the reason that he is a good reservoir and it has great masses manage with are harm and may also prevent enemy heroes to use their ultimates – specifically in PvP this really is great but in addition beneficial in Arcana Labyrinth paired with a great healer.


Also belong in this particular tier not only while he offers very sound harm – his main priority is clearing away foe buffs, particularly types like Brutus defend (and you know how tough that one may be) or banishing individual foe heroes for a moment. Does really well in teams in which you might need some problems and support also. Ferael Along with Fawkes this can be a really powerful encouraging hero with fantastic damage coping. His ghouls may prevent opponent heroes from building vitality and then he could also stun an foe hero and take him from the struggle for 3 secs.

A Tier (Really Strong)

Now here’s the heroes which are extremely helpful but they lack in some things so they are not in the finest heroes tiers previously mentioned. Nevertheless, it’s really worth to possess them and degree them up.


I have her here on the list because she has such a substantial dodge and executes properly in crew searching as well as when you need an hero to directly counter Athalia together with her burst start transfer as she can eventually dodge it (really useful in Arcane Labyrinth or also PvP). So, she is helpful at times however, not beneficial enough to utilize her constantly.


Belinda can pull off massive burst open problems waves as well as buff two allied heroes. She is also really solid against Wrizz in team hunting and also in middle game an enormous video game changer when she can create synergies using a hero like Raine and obtain half of an foe crew using a solitary crit aoe ultimate.


It is not really that excellent as being a tank but has some great further expertise which make him pretty powerful for me. He will cast ashield and his summoned skeletons will mistake enemy heroes sometimes. This can be already pretty great but he also brings a stun for as much as 3 opponents and provides unaggressive miracle harm reduction for the entire group so he’s your decision when you face a team with many different miracle heroes within it.


She is regarded as tank in AFK Market but she’s not the best container to get honest and more like a tanky help hero. The thing that makes her really good is her motivate that helps developing power faster in PvP where she could actually really make a difference.


He could offer great harm but also for that he will need to have the enemy heroes collected up – if this takes place his influence is huge but otherwise he can’t really stand out much except his burst open problems at the beginning of the struggle that may be helpful in PvP. Numisu Provides some great therapeutic and buffs strike velocity so can help the best group setup out (combined with a hero which has a powerful auto strike particularly). The harm is not really that great and also no group control.


I really hope you loved my tier list and I’d value some comments. In the event you disagree or want a various strategy you are able to let me know within the remarks ?

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