Best Niche Review Sites

Best Niche Review Sites

The benefits of getting online reviews are many. They not only help build trust with potential customers but also increase click-throughs from Google My Business.

You get a bonus online ratings and reviews google can help businesses rank higher. WhitesparkSurvey of Local Ranking FactorsOnline reviews can improve a website’s rank in search engines. Google Local 3-PackAndInResults from organic searches.

Our annual Local Consumer Review Survey, We discovered this:

  • 82% of customers read reviews online when looking for local businesses.
  • Only 53% would consider using a business that has less than four stars.
  • 70% of local consumers review multiple sites before choosing a business.
  • To boost your online presence, use niche-specific review and industry-focused review websites

Be careful. There are many review sites out there, and getting your business listed on low-quality OveReview sites could actually harm your credibility as well as your ranking. How do you determine which review sites are quality sites worth reviewing?

You can concentrate on increasing your customer reviews on niche review sites so that you can target the sites that are most relevant to your industry. These review sites are useful for helping customers make informed purchasing decisions when they’re looking for the best companies within a specific field.

Top Review Sites for 30 Industries

We looked online for niche-specific review sites that would be of interest to happy customers. We reviewed the site’s features and decided to leave. Domain authority compiled a complete list of review sites. These are the top review sites for Australian businesses.

Below is a list of niche review sites worth checking out. You can quickly jump to the section if you are looking for review sites that only focus on your particular industry.

Alternative Medicine / Therapy Review Sites

This section highlights some of the most popular review sites for businesses in the alternative medicine and therapeutic industries. Please note that we also have a medical section if you are looking for consumer reviews related to more traditional health and medical sectors.

Review sites for car dealerships

Car dealers are one of the most popular. There are a few high-quality sites that provide consumer reviews and recommendations for car traders. Please note that we have a separate review websites list for mechanics.

Catering Review Sites

Although this is a small section of the review sites for the catering industry, it is still dominated by large brands.

Cleaning Service Review Sites

There are a lot of local businesses offering cleaning and sanitation services, and with increased competition, it only becomes more important to have a positive online reputation.

Dentist Review Sites

Dental SEO and local citations for dentists always prove to be in high demand and naturally so do online review sites. We’ve listed some websites that are purely focused on the dental industry. These sites can be used to direct customers.

Electrical and HVAC Review Sites

This section includes websites that provide customer reviews for electricians, heating, and ventilation, as well as air conditioning.

Finance (Accountants / Insurance) Review Sites

This list of Finance review sites includes both insurance and accountants.

Home Service and Contractor Review Sites

This resource has a large section that focuses on customer reviews sites for contractors and home services. We mean a wide range of local services such as home builders, interior stylists and kitchen and bathroom fitters, painters, decorators, and others. Plumbers are included in a separate list.

IT and Computer Repair Review Sites

The review sites below are focused on web hosting companies and those that deal in PC repair. We have gathered a few niche review sites that are focused on this topic.

Landscaping Review Sites

Landscaping can often come under the ‘home services’ banner (which you can find here). We have included it in this section for clarity.

Legal Review Sites

One of our most popular and largest sections is the one that covers legal review sites. We’ve selected over a dozen of the best review sites to cover local lawyers, solicitors, and legal fees financing. For local SEOs, this list of top citations for attorneys may be of interest.

Marketing Agency Review Sites

As well as those bricks-and-mortar businesses that offer hands-on services and products, we’ve included review sites for those companies that offer online services, such as marketing and SEO agencies.

Mechanic Review Sites

The auto industry also includes mechanics. Whilst the list below focuses on reviews for auto repairs, we have another section that focuses on car dealers.

Medical Review Sites

Our largest section is the review websites for medical companies. It’s a popular category for SEOs and doctors who want to improve their online visibility. This section includes reviews for clinics, doctors, and general wellness.

Please note that we also have a separate section for Nursing and Care.

Nursing and Care Review Sites

This review site is separate from the section on nursing and care. It focuses only on companies that provide senior care services and daycare.

Pest Control Review Sites

Because they often service local businesses, pest control and exterminators are a popular topic in local SEO. This makes it harder to rank in local search results!

It is possible to increase your online reputation by directing customers to these quality review sites.

Pet Service Review Sites

Pet services include pet grooming, pet sitting, and veterinarians.

Plumber Review Sites

To avoid confusion, we’ve included the best review websites for plumbers in a separate section for home services and contractors.

Property Rental Review Sites

In a separate review sites list for travel and leisure, the following review sites focus on businesses that offer vacation and property rentals.

Real Estate Review Sites

Real estate is a big business. It’s crucial that Estate Agents and Realtors have a strong online reputation.

Removal Review Sites

This list contains consumer reviews sites for removal companies. In addition to this section, we have another list for storage.

Restaurant Review Sites

Online review sites for restaurants and cafes are extremely popular, which is reflected in the size of the list below. There are many household names, such as TripAdvisor, OpenTable, and others, that consumers are more selective about the places they eat.

Salon and Beauty Review Sites

Although it is a small section, these consumer review sites are high-quality and have a lot of domain authority.

School and Education Review Sites

Online reputation is more important than in other industries. It’s unlikely. To ensure their future, schools and educational facilities need a strong reputation. Below are some key review sites that highlight them.

Security Review Sites

Below are reviews from consumers about businesses in the security sector. They offer a variety of services, including private detectives and investigators, as well as security equipment.

Software Review Sites

Although the software is not the most common type of business that you might think of when looking at online reviews sites, it is growing and has more competition.

Sport and Leisure Review Sites

This category covers sites that review yoga trails and golf courses.

Storage Review Sites

Storage sits within a different section to removals and lists the sites that allow local consumers to recommend and rate various storage companies in their area.

Travel and Hospitality Review Sites

There are many review sites that can be easily recognized as household names in the travel industry. Because consumers are very picky about their vacations, this is one reason why so many companies in the industry rely heavily on their online reputation.

Wedding Service Review Sites

Similar to traveling, weddings are a special occasion that should be celebrated. Consumers want to make sure that the business they choose to use for wedding planning or any other related services has a good online reputation. Online reviews are crucial.

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