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Ultimate Guide For Cleaning You Keyboard

Our desks have evolved into multi-purpose battle stations. After hours, we eat lunch or snacks while responding to Slack messages or playing PC games. When we retreat to the couch (or, let’s be honest, bed) with our laptops, we also let our desktop settings collect dust. Read More

Beautiful Candles That Look and Smell Amazing

Let me begin by admitting that I am a candle aficionado—I always have three burning in my apartment at any given time, and I have a shelf dedicated to “only for display” candles. After spending more time indoors than ever before, that desire has rekindled (bad pun completely intended). Most people will tell you that expensive candles aren’t worth it, but you and I both know that there’s nothing like lying on the couch next to a gorgeous candle that both looks and smells fantastic. From pine to wood sage to sea salt to vanilla bean, stock up on our finest options, which will see you through all four seasons. Read More