Everything You Need To Know About The Immortals In Infinity Kingdoms Game

Everything You Need To Know About The Immortals In Infinity Kingdoms Game

The main heroes of the game – the squad leaders – are known as “Immortals”. There are many ways to gain characters in the game.

  • In the “Immortals” menu, collect heroes from fragments (soul stones).
  • Summon heroes to the Temple of the Immortals in order to obtain the Philosopher’s stone. You can make a free call for a limited time.
  • Summon the fragments of the Philosopher’s Stone from the Temple of the Immortals. You can make several free calls per day.
  • Fragments of immortals are possible to be obtained through promotions and temporary events.
  • Slices from the market
  • Dropped from various chests.

We do not recommend IK beginner guide you use only one philosopher’s stones during the call. Instead, wait until nine of them have been accumulated. This will save you the stone and increase your chances of receiving a piece or a portion of the legendary immortal.

You can also earn Philosopher’s stone and their shards by completing daily or “Growth” missions. After clicking the button in parchment form (located at the lower right corner), the quest menu will open. Except for Merlin, all legendary immortals have equal chances of appearing in the Temple for the Philosopher’s Stones. They also have equal chances to appear on the marketplace.

You will need soul crystals from this hero to summon or pump an immortal. There is currently no universal item that can be used for upgrading any champion.

Merlin can only be pumped with real money. You must make any purchase in the game, regardless of how expensive, to get it. According to his description, after being summoned, the man will appear at a market merchant where he can then be purchased for in-game currency.

Immortals pumping

You can perform all actions you want over the heroes in the “Immortals” menu (located in the lower left corner). There are many ways to pump. Each enhancing event increases the “Power of the immortal”, and the number of units in the squad of the hero.

Strengthening characteristics. You will find the boost button next to the name and immortal. Here are the main characters that increase in stature:

  • Agility increases the chances of a critical hit or evasion.
  • Activity increases speed of learning the skill.
  • Intelligence increases magic attack and defense.
  • Giftedness increases energy recovery
  • Maximum number of troops

You will see a circle containing several cells when you go to the gain window. These cells will need to be stocked with certain resources. Click on the slot to find out which material is required. Tap on the command “Get”, to see a brief description and the location of the receipt. You can obtain materials by raiding the Well of Time. The “Raid” button on the right will activate if the raid is available. The resource can’t be obtained if you haven’t completed the required chapters of the campaign.

The stat boosting system has a second slot in the middle that automatically fills after you have collected all the stones from the circle. This cell can be used to increase one of the attributes, such as physical or magical damage. You will need to spend gold to unlock the next level.

Stardom The system to increase stardom in the game is indicated by receiving huge crystals from the same immortal soul that the hero. The main parameters and highest skill will increase after improvement. Additional cells will also be available for immortal skills once you have reached a certain number.

Level: Increases in experience scrolls. There are many types of scrolls. The higher the scroll, the more experience a commander will get from it. You can also earn experience as an immortal during the campaign. You can find scrolls in many places.

  • Daily entry to the game
  • Daily missions
  • To complete the “Growth” missions.
  • From the chests of The Well of Time.
  • You can get “experience chests” in the same locations, as promotions, or in gifts from developers to gain VIP status.

Equipment. Equipment. It’s easy to put it on: If you have equipment for this hero click on his menu and click on the red circle that indicates that clothing is available for him. Then, choose any outfit that opens in a new window. You can also change equipment by clicking on the desired cells.

A champion who has 4 items of equipment receives a bonus to his parameters. The increase in characteristics can be seen near the inscription “Resonance”, located in the right corner, above the set slots for clothing.

It is recommended that you collect the same color (rarity) to increase the resonance of the equipment. You can collect four items of the same color, but the bonus will be calculated based on the lowest rarity.

Equipment can be upgraded to increase resonance. Click on the ammunition cell to increase your strength. A small window will then appear. Click on the “Gain” button to make a gain. You will need to obtain “enhancement stone” in order to complete the operation. These stones can be used for different actions within the game.

Skills. There are two types of skills in the game.

  • Active combat skills are activated by the player after he has filled the skill level with energy. A normal attack gives you energy. The quicker a character attacks, the more energy they will have.
  • You will be unable to use the skill if energy doesn’t accumulate (for instance, due to the enemy’s negative effects).
  • Passives abilities that are active from the beginning of the match through the end of the battle and do not consume energy. One or more immortals can be empowered by passive abilities. To enable the hero to use this skill, he must open two additional cells at 2, 7 and 5 stars (for epic commanders, at 5 stars).
  • It is necessary to create a Tower of Knowledge in order to study passive skills. Skills are acquired as the building’s level increases. For some immortals, passive skills may also be included in the basic skill. Alexander the Great is an example.

Select the passive abilities that most closely match the parameters of your commander, and then modify them as necessary.

Gallery. The Gallery of the Immortals can be accessed via the button located in the upper left corner of the menu “Immortals”. The commanders are listed according to their elements. Click on the image of a commander to get gems if you have never received him before. Highlighting any immortal’s history will reveal its past.

Infinity Kingdom: City Building Strategies

You must improve your castle and educational buildings as quickly as possible to reach level 20 at the beginning of the game. You should improve the castle and training facilities to level 30, if possible. It is better to concentrate on resource buildings, such as the Academy or the Tower of Knowledge. Acceleration should be used only for buildings that will increase the Castle’s level. If you need to make the most of your buildings, a permanent builder must be purchased. For 90 crystals, you can purchase another builder within 24 hours.

Castle- To make rapid progress in this game, you must constantly develop the city. The Castle is the foundation of the city. The castle’s level determines the development of other buildings. The castle is also crucial in the development of technology, agriculture, and other aspects of settlement life.

Academy Basic knowledge is concentrated here to strengthen and accelerate both your military and civilian development. There are four branches of development within the Academy, which will open slowly:

  • Manufacturing- Learn how to accelerate mining in resource buildings. You will need to get the “Fast Construction” science up to level 10 as soon as possible. This will greatly increase the speed and quality of building construction. As needed, the rest of science should be developed.
  • Troops This is where all research is related the improvement of all types troops. We recommend that you pump general sciences such as “Inhuman Speed” (increases speed during a campaign) and “Crushing rage”, (increases AP during a campaign). There are many other common sciences that can be found between the primary sciences. It is therefore necessary to pump the required scientists to open the appropriate studies.
  • Immortals are studies that relate to the development and deployment of commanders and types of troops. As in the “Troops”, it is important to study the common science of all characters.
  • Fortification: These sciences are concerned with improving security in a city during air raids and increasing reliability of walls, barriers, and defensive weapons. We recommend that you use all sciences slowly and as much as possible, so as not to jump to other avenues of development.
  • Fountain Of Desires – Here you can pray and get a resource chest. The higher your building is pumped the more resources you’ll receive and the more daily prayers you will be able to offer. To increase the castle’s level, the fountain must be pumped evenly.

Boot camp: Here you can view the status of all troops. This includes how many troops are at your disposal, which troops are in battle, and how many are lying in infirmary.

Infirmary: Soldiers who have been injured in battles against dwarfs or other players are treated here. Higher hospital levels mean that you can heal more units at once. You can speed up healing.

The Alchemist’s House, a landmark building for immortals, allows you to spray and recycle unwanted equipment or heroes. Select the tab you wish to spray and then click the select button at the top of the window. You can spray multiple heroes or one item. You will be able to dismantle objects using enhancement stones. Purple soul crystals are available for dismantling immortals.

The warehouse serves as an important building for the defense of the city, and protection of resources. It is where you can conceal your supplies from any enemies who attack your settlement. The warehouse’s capacity is dependent on its level. It is possible to plunder unprotected resources.

Another building where you can find the fragments from the immortals is the harbor You can access the log of the ship and the sailing report from here.

An arena – A building that allows you to fight other players. For the battle, you will need to gather a team of immortals. Your Arena rating determines which opponents are displayed to you. Every day, you will receive a prize chest containing prizes from the Arena’s ranking system. You can climb up the ranks to receive more gifts.

Tower of Knowledge. Here are various passive talents that can be used to create immortals. The Tower is located at the 11th floor of the Castle. You can open skill slots from commanders up to this point, but the Tower is not available, you will be unable to use these abilities.

Resource building

Taxes on residential buildings – Bring gold through taxes People will not have the money to keep their taxes in an empty vault at home, so gold should be kept on hand. You can increase the amount of money you have in your home by raising it. The gold you receive from taxes will not be much so you can pump the houses when you need them (when the “Development Chapter”) is closed).

  • Quarry- With its help, a stone can be mined. It is therefore recommended to pump as many quarries as possible to increase storage.
  • Farm- Produces food that is used for construction and to feed the army.
  • Sawmill- Extracts wood.
  • Iron is mined at this site.

If resources are used on time, all resource buildings, except residential ones, can generate decent income. It is therefore necessary to immediately pump all existing mining buildings and build new ones as soon as possible.

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