How To Rebuild Your Door Into A Fire Door?

How To Rebuild Your Door Into A Fire Door?

Have you ever wondered how to convert a regular door to a fire door, or how to convert existing doors to fire doors? Fire safety is something you should consider at all times. Internal walls and ceilings, outside cladding, structural steel, and interior doors should all be taken into account. Avoiding fire safety precautions and the upkeep that comes with them can lead to significant injuries, fines, and violations of building codes.

When renovating or starting a new project, doors are frequently an area that requires attention, and many authorities may demand that standard doors be replaced with fire doors. In the event of a fire, installing fire doors or upgrading your current doors can help to lessen the risk. It allows fire crews more time to reach any burning areas, aids in the prevention of fire spread, and most importantly, keeps key escape routes free.

Because most current internal doors have a hollow core, are very thin or lightweight, and are prone to warping quickly after installation, they cannot be improved to attain 30 or 60 minutes Fire Resistance. Where a new Fire Door is required, doors that fulfill this criteria cannot be upgraded and should be replaced with a new Fire Door.

Existing solid wood/timber doors can be upgraded with door upgrade paints and coatings to provide up to 60 minutes of fire resistance – see our store for more information.


While we urge that custom designed fire doors be installed, there are times when this is not the best option. Some properties may be subject to stringent planning regulations and/or be listed, making it impossible to remove or make significant changes to interior doors; others may have unusually large or small doors that require fire protection; in these cases, the products and systems discussed below may provide a solution to help satisfy the relevant authorities involved in your project by increasing the fire resistance of the timber elements of a door.

Our recommendation is that both sides of the door be protected at all times, intumescent strips be installed, and your authority be contacted for any other relevant needs such as ironmongery, signage, and glazing.

To ensure that the suggested system is suitable for your project, a detailed specification should be obtained from our Technical Department. Contact us at 0113 2455450 or; items will not be sold without this information.

We also propose that you read, understand, and transmit all product data sheets, system information, and any applicable test results to your authority for approval/comment. Information can be downloaded from the ‘DATASHEETS’ tab on each product page, but we recommend speaking with our Technical Department to ensure you have the most up-to-date versions and ALL relevant documentation relating to your project, as information is updated on a regular basis due to new testing, product developments, legislation changes, and other factors.

Remember that intumescent paints and varnishes are only one type of fire protection and do not function as a ‘fire door.’ To ensure that your doors match your authority’s requirements, intumescent materials and hardware must be employed.

Doors that have been painted

The Timbercoat Fire Doors Upgrade Solution from Thermoguard is an intumescent paint system that comes in a compact bundle with the basecoat and topcoat needed to protect two doors in a white or colored Eggshell or Gloss finish. Following completion, Thermoguard UK will issue a Fire Certificate for Authority approved projects.

An official NAMAS / UKAS Fire Door Fire Test is neither useful nor realistic because doors vary so much and the most majority are unsuitable for upgrading. Thermoguard Timbercoat’s unique recipe resulted in the UK’s only successful official UKAS / NAMAS Fire Test Laboratory Fire Resistance Test to 60 minutes on softwood, with charring timber losses limited to 7-10mm at 60 minutes… CLICK HERE for more information.

Specific systems, such as, allow you to paint over their system with certain traditional decorative paints to keep the color scheme consistent throughout the structure. The doors don’t always need to be stripped before installation (preparation is still required), and, as with other items, you can request a Certificate of Supply, which is signed by the installer and can be produced to your local authorities for verification if necessary.

Doors that have been varnished

You can apply a varnish to boost the fire resistance of naked or previously varnished/stained hardwood doors without interfering with the natural beauty of the wood. Thermoguard Fire Varnish Door Upgrade System increases the fire resistance of the door’s timber parts, comparable to their coloured paint system.

To protect natural and antique solid wood or timber doors, fire resistance door upgrade coatings can be nearly unnoticeable.

A transparent varnish with these qualities can aid in reducing fire dangers like as smoke, which can be just as harmful as a fire. You can alter and update your doors at the same time by using a fire door varnish and corresponding hardware. You may choose from a variety of finishes to match the style and feel of your surroundings, so you won’t have to make any compromises when it comes to decoration.

Check for any openings in the doors and frames that could allow the fire to pass through. If a door hasn’t been fitted correctly or is old, gaps may exist, which will compromise the efficiency of your fire door paint or varnish if not addressed.

Additionally, before purchasing and using these devices, verify with your local authorities / Building Control Officers to see which doors they require protection for and to get their approval for your suggested items and course of action.

Because standards vary widely from property to property and region to region in the UK, it’s crucial to double-check that your doors have been installed correctly and that they meet the minimum requirements of the product you want to use. A fire door paint or varnish may be appropriate for your project, but not all doors are, and many will need to be replaced.

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