Mod Your Device With These Android Apps

Mod Your Device With These Android Apps

For Android, once we think about mods (or alterations), we frequently think about frozen apparatus. Android alterations can be found in all sizes and shapes. Some offer greater functionality, but some change the appearance and feel of their OS. Regrettably, rooting your apparatus might void the warranty and, even in most scenarios, render you with only a really expensive paperweight. In case the notion of rooting your own Android apparatus is a deal-breaker, then below are a few programs that enable one to mod your apparatus, without being forced to root your cell mobile phone.


Have you accidentally deleted something out of the own Android device? Otherwise, consider yourself blessed. Many Android users deleted a photograph, file, or video that they did not mean to one point or another. Regrettably, hitting on the button Android is irreversible. There are not any doors or even take-backs; once a document is deleted, it has gone permanently.

Luckily, a program named Dumpster will be able to assist you to avoid these potential disasters. The dumpster works much like the recycling bin onto the PC. After you delete a document onto your own Android apparatus, it is going to soon be put from the Dumpster. Users start the skipped program to look at the files they’ve deleted and will opt to renew the document or delete it.

NavBar Animations

Even the Android navigation pub is functional although maybe perhaps not quite visually pleasing. NavBar Animations intends to liven the boring older Android navigation pub by incorporating eye cartoons. The program includes a vast array of custom cartoons you could customize to your own preferences. You’re able to dictate exactly what activities prompt an animation, the exact rate of this cartoon, and also along with.

As the NavBar Animations program is totally completely absolutely free of charge, for users that fork out to the expert edition, it eliminates advertisements and provides accessibility to other cartoon packs. Certainly one of the greatest things concerning NavBar Animations could be that it doesn’t require root access. Regrettably, it follows that the program won’t use some software (such as Google-Chrome). Despite all these pitfalls, NavBar Animations is just an exceptional approach to customize your own apparatus.


For each one of the high-quality things our smartphones are effective at, sometimes the simpler acts are required for granted.

Whether you are rooting about to the keys or trying to find the fuse-box, smartphones make sure individuals consistently have a flashlight handy. Regrettably, it’s really a little bit of pain to turn on. Fortunately, there’s a program that fixes that this aggravation. Torchie empowers end consumers to press the volume buttons simultaneously to show in your device’s flashlight work.

Screenshot Assistant

You may well not have to have a screenshot in your own Android apparatus usually, however, if you do, it may be a nuisance. Based upon your system, you could have the ability to press a blend of hardware keys to have a screenshot. Otherwise, you should need to pull from the surface of your screen and expect the screenshot icon will be on your Quick Settings menu.

Providentially, the screen-shot Assistant program simplifies the whole procedure. Once installed, all of us have to do is hold down the Home button into our own Android apparatus’s navigation bar to have a screenshot. Additionally, users may harvest their screenshots from inside the program should they wish to.


It’s comparable in role to this NavBar Animations program cited previously; nevertheless, Muviz is directed squarely at audiophiles who’d love to attract the expression of hifi sound systems with your own Android device.

Muviz adds a visual equalizer for an own Android navigation pub. This equalizer reacts to videos, music, and streaming video and audio services. The program has a broad array of distinct equalizer types s ensuring there was certainly something for everybody else.


Unseen intends to get your privacy back on societal support systems and messaging programs. Most software that encourages direct messaging informs each party whenever someone reads their message also can be actually in the method of reacting. Regrettably, this puts pressure on the receiver of a note to respond immediately. This is sometimes significantly less than perfect for men and women that prefer to put the thought in their responses.

Unseen users have the freedom to learn messages incognito. Which usually means that the man who delivered the message won’t be informed if a note was read. Unseen functions with Many programs like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber.

Finger-print Quick Action

The fingerprint scanner is an important advancement over PINs and layout locks. It empowers users to efficiently unlock their devices at a portion of the time that it was used to shoot. Regrettably, there’s not anything else that implements this particular hardware feature apart from a few techniques of payment.

But using a program named finger-print Quick Action, you also are able to re-map your own fingerprint scanner to carry out various different functions. However, once your device is unlocked, then you may utilize the fingerprint scanner to automatically carry out yet another function like starting a particular program or snapping an image.


Would you enjoy the Design of flagship apparatus such as the Samsung-galaxy S-8 as well as the LG G 6? If this is that’s the case, you probably enjoy the curved borders of this screen. The light, curved borders of this screen absolutely offer the telephone a look, but to make it you are going to need to pay out quite a little money. Luckily, you’re able to find the curved borders on just about any device using a very simple program.

Cornerfly transforms the sharp borders of one’s own Android device’s screen into curved ones. That is all the programs does, however, it generates good about which it elevates. There’s still PC trainer for The Forest program that goes on the name Round that additionally completes the corners of your device’s screen. Both Cornerfly and Roundr get reviews that are similar, therefore if a person does not do the job with you, try out one other!

Even the Android OS is pretty instinctive; nevertheless, there are instances when every consumer wants they may tweak something to create the experience somewhat better. The debut of gesture-based controls over Android is really actually just a step in the ideal direction nevertheless, the feature appears to be under-utilized. This really is the area where allinone Gestures steps in.

Overall One Gestures allows consumers to customize the interface in their own apparatus, increasing customization and productivity. The program does so by allowing users to schedule customized gestures-such as screen and swipes replacements. Additionally, in addition, it permits consumers to configure physiological key media mixes. All these expressions and button presses may be utilized to establish a program or to execute certain functions.

Volume Slider

Maybe you have started playing with a video without even knowing that your volume has been turned all of the ways up? Blown out your eardrums with a couple of too-loud headsets? Think about once the person that you’re attempting to telephone appears such as a mouse? When you’ve ever struck those problems, you’ve probably found yourself searching to the volume rocker in your own apparatus. Regrettably, at times the amount of rocker is at a hard-to-reach area, particularly for all individuals with larger apparatus.

Fortunately, Volume Slider is still a fast and effortless solution to get a grip on how many different sound sources by simply slipping your finger across the borders of your screen. Additionally, the program may be configured to automatically manually regulate the brightness of your device’s screen. While this program makes adjusting the level of unique programs faster and more suitable than conventional buttons, it’s a must-have for anyone that has a busted volume rocker.

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