New Ways To Get More Views on YouTube

New Ways To Get More Views on YouTube

This guide will show you how content creators can increase their YouTube views in 2021.

22 strategies that you can use to make a difference in your life.

  • Increase traffic to your YouTube videos.
  • Increase your subscriber base
  • You will rank higher for the correct keywords
  • Create a vibrant YouTube community.

1. These are some tips to make your content more engaging

A YouTube channel that is successful will have engaging and high-quality content.

YouTube viewers tend to have a short attention span. One Microsoft study found that we had a shorter attention span than 12 seconds in 2014, and 8 seconds in 2015.

YouTube’s algorithm was created to keep users using the platform. And research suggests the algorithm will reward channels that help them reach that goal. is amazing if you need new subscribers.

Simply put:

YouTube will reward you  for your video engagement and keep them on the platform longer.

This is possible by giving your viewers an incentive to continue watching the video from the beginning.

There are many ways to create engaging content. I will split them in two ways for your convenience.

TechnicalHow you set up your camera.
VerbalThe way you act on camera
Let’s take a look at each one individually…

Your videos are important. It gives viewers a sense that you are legitimate , which in turn creates a better user-experience.

Although the technical aspects of creating videos can seem daunting, there are simple ways to improve your videos.

  • A professional microphone will improve your sound quality.
  • Your productivity will increasevideo qualityChoose the best video format.
  • Create closed captions and sub-titles for viewers with different abilities.
  • You can adjust the angle of your camera (e.g. Zoom in or out
  • Verbal

Once you have your technical specifications in place, you need to make sure that the presentation on camera is engaging and attention-grabbing.

This is possible by:

  • Quickly explaining what the video is about
  • Create a video “hook”.
  • Alluding towards future points (“In just few minutes, we’ll discuss [X], first …”)
  • Use rhetorical devices to keep people engaged (“But wait! There’s more!”
  • You can add cutaways to the relevant content. Nobody wants to watch a talking head.
  • This video shows that both technical and verbal pointers are being used.

2. Niche Down Your Channel’s Topic

An old marketing maxim states that “the riches are in the niches.”

You need to have a clear niche in your content to increase your YouTube views and to attract a targeted audience (i.e. people who will view your videos and Subscribe to your channel).

You’re trying to make videos right now?EveryoneThey’ll end up reachingNobody.Audiences don’t want a generalist; they want a specialist.

It is important to identify the common theme that unites all your videos. This will help you establish expectations about the content of your videos for your target audience.

Take, for example:

  • Are you able to help people solve a particular problem?
  • Are you able to create videos that are entertaining and related to a topic?
  • Are your videos appealing to a particular group?
  • Your topic will be more popular if it is more niche.wantOrNot requiredYour content will be found because there is less competition!

If we look at the topic of baking, for example, you might find:

  • Baking (a huge topic)
  • Vegan baking is a smaller topic but there are still many competitors.
  • Gluten-free vegan baking (a more targeted niche)
  • Healthy and fit vegan baking (a very niche product)
  • Each stage of the drill down will have fewer people, but the audience’s needs will become more clear.

This article will not cover how to find your content niche. We do have a complete guide that will help you find the right niche. To learn more, click here.

3. “Pattern Interrupts”, To Keep People Watching Longer

YouTubeLoveIt’s a great feeling when people see your videos through to the end. You’ll see intactic 12They place a high importance on “audience retention”

You can make sure that your content is seen by a large number of people, so they will be more likely to watch it and send you more traffic.

Better still:

To get results, you don’t necessarily need everyone to see all your videos. It is enough to have at least 50% of your viewers watch your video.

Research suggests that, if you can do this, YouTube’s algorithm will favor your content and suggest it for more search results or on a subscriber’s “Home” feed.

The best way to increase your video audience’s viewing is to use what YouTubers call “YouTube”Pattern Interrupts.

Pattern interruptions are unexpected and small changes or breaks in your video that force the viewer to re-engage.

This is best explained by giving an example.

Take a look at this video from Mr.Beast. It is evident that he uses pattern interruptions to break up the traditional talking-head video structure.

Pattern interruptions come in many forms.

  • Strategically placed Broll
  • Gifs
  • Graphics
  • Audio snippets

Anything that’s relevant to the subject of your video will keep viewers engaged!

If you want to learn more about how you can make better YouTube videos, check out our full guide on how to make a killer YouTube video.

4. Do Keyword Research for YouTube SEO

YouTube is the largest video search engine in the world. It’s Google for video content!

You can get more views on YouTube if your videos are optimized for specific keywords.

What can you do to do this?

By conducting keyword research.

Keywords are phrases or words that users are searching. Things like:

  • How to tie a tie
  • Espresso machine reviews
  • Fluffy pancake recipes
  • When you tag, describe, or title your videos, it is important to use the most relevant keywords. YouTube’s search algorithm will know what your videos are about by this!

Understanding the problem your video solves is the first step to keyword research. It is important to understand the thoughts and feelings of your potential viewers.

You have a variety of tools that you can use in order to determine which keywords your potential viewers are searching for. YouTube is the first.

Let’s suppose you want to make a video about the topic.How to make pancakes. You can enter that in the search bar to see which keywords YouTube suggests.


To replace any word in your query, you can use an * (asterisk) as a wildcard. This will show you the most popular variant of your keyword search.

To see the search results, I substituted the main verb for an asterisk. They use “make pancakes” instead of “cook pancakes”.

You can use the asterisk to indicate different versions of your keyword. For example, here

After searching for various variations of the keyword (in my case, “pancakes”) you can compile a list or most popular searches.

My most favorite searches are:

  • How to make pancakes.
  • How to make fluffy pancakes
  • How to make banana pancakes.

This search revealed three things: People want pancakes. They want them fluffy. And they want them to be healthy. Where can I sign up?

You can also use premium and free tools such as Keywords Everywhere or TubeBuddy to get more precise insights.

These tools can help you choose which keywords to use by providing metrics such as search volume and competition.

You can see below that I used TubeBuddy for verification of keywords with moderate to high search volumes and low competition.

Long-tail keywords are better for smaller channels. They have more specific statements and words, so they can be harder to find.

This will make it much easier to rank now. As your channel grows, you will be able to target more competitive keywords.

5. Google SEO Keyword Research

Optimizing for Google is another way to increase YouTube views. Yes, that’s right!

According to searchmetrics Google’s video carousel appears for 67% of searches on desktops and 54% on mobile. Keyword Search For YouTube SEO section, you can use Google’s search bar and see which suggested keywords will help you to rank.

Verify that your YouTube list includes the same keywords as your Google keyword list.

In this instance, both YouTube and Google are showing popular searches for “how to make pancakes” or “how to make fluffy pancakes”.

You can then use Google’s nifty oopen-sourcepen source search trends tool to see which variation of keywords has a good amount of interest.

This shows that the top searches are for ‘how to make pancakes’ or ‘pancake recipe’. These keywords are also highly competitive. These keywords are therefore more difficult to rank for.

We recommend you search for long-tail keywords that have a high volume of searches, but less competition.


6. Make catchy, keyword-driven video titles

You now have your keywords. It’s time for you to start using them!

Your title is the first text that your viewers see when they view your videos.

You need to make sure your headlines are clear and concise.

  • Are relevant to the needs of your target audience
  • Describe clearly what is in the video
  • Include the keyword that you want to rank for
  • These are sweet and short
  • don’t contain clickbait

To give them the best chance for ranking.

In fact, research shows longer titles can underperform when it comes to ranking on YouTube, it’s best to keep your titles under 50 characters.

Referring to the pancake example above, you will see how this title makes use of both broad and specific keywords.

Recipes by Carina has 607K subscribers, a medium-sized channel when compared to the largest channels which have over 50M subscribers.

The video received 14 million views and was well-viewed by more people than the subscribers! This video ranks on YouTube’s first page SERP, and it appears in Google’s video carousel.

7. Increase your clicks with Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

You can increase click-through rates (CTR), by using custom thumbnails in search results.

This is important as the more people click on the video, YouTube will consider it more relevant to the search query.

Referring to the fluffy pancake example:

The thumbnail clearly answers the query visually. The thumbnail is a stack of pancakes, which looks exactly like the query.

Instead of using a still from your movie, we recommend customizing your thumbnails. This will allow you to:

Include an image that visually answers the query. It is a good idea to use an object, a person, or both.
To explain the content of the video or amplify the message, you can add keywords.

Your channel should have a consistent color scheme. This will allow your viewers to visually distinguish your videos from other YouTube videos. The viewers will also be attracted to color schemes. On the color wheel, you can choose from complementary or contrasting colors. This will make your videos stand out from YouTube’s gray background.

It is evident that Uscreen uses blue consistently to represent our brand, which stands out against YouTube’s grey background.

We also used graphics, keywords, faces, and expressions that grab attention.

This video will show you how to create thumbnails quickly and easily.

8. Find Opportunities To Boost Your CTR

Click-through rates

You can use TubeBuddy’s premium ‘Click Magnet’ tool that helps you get even more out of our thumbnails and titles.

You can adjust your thumbnails and titles to attract more attention.

TubeBuddy’s video will show you how to use the tool.


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