Tips for Using Online Tools to Make Working from Home Easier

Tips for Using Online Tools to Make Working from Home Easier

COVID-19 has made a big difference in our lives. It showed us what the English saying “Necessity is the mother of invention” really meant. We have to change the way we do things every day and find new ways to reach our business goals when we work from home.


Countries have taken different steps to stop large groups of people from getting together in order to stop the virus from spreading. Strong steps have been taken to fight the pandemic, such as putting travel bans in place, locking down different cities, and shutting down workplaces and schools.

Companies all over the world have given their employees ways to work from home because of the Coronavirus. Companies are turning to online tools to help people work from home so that things can still seem normal.


It will be a new experience for many employees to move their whole office to their home and still be productive and get things done.

Most of the time, employees spend their day close to their team, which makes communication easy. But when it comes to remote work, all of that goes out the window, and it’s likely that communication will break down if the employees aren’t familiar with work-from-home rules and tools for communicating with remote teams.


But there are ways to keep up with the level of productivity, avoid stress, and handle conference calls with your team.

Systematic communication between remote team members is the key to stopping all of these problems, and this is where digital work tools come into play.

If you’ve ever wondered, “How can I work from home well?” here’s the answer! This handy list of tools for working from home can help you make a great plan for working from home. Or professional help can always help, find more in Accely Sap.


Slack lets you talk to people in real time through text, audio, and video


Slack is a way for people on different teams to talk to each other in real time, even if they are in different places.

It also has a team management feature that lets you handle tasks, assign staff, find new workers, write and run codes, plan releases and job openings, keep track of worker contracts, and more.


Slack has features that aren’t found anywhere else, like group chats, shared message space, etc. Your team’s conversations, decisions, and meetings can all be found in a database that you can search to find the information you need. It’s a must-have tool for managing employees who work from far away.


Zoom: For Meetings with a Group


Zoom is another popular tool for working together from a distance. It is mostly used for video conferencing and meetings. Zoom rooms are special meeting rooms made for teams to work together.

It can be a great option if you need a lot of people at a meeting at the same time. Video conferencing is a great feature of this tool for long-term meetings, online training, help, webinars, and events.

The app has a lot of cool features, like instant messaging, file sharing, cloud storage, audio, camera, and sharing your screen.


GitHub: Software Development by a Remote Team


GitHub is a platform for programming and software development. It can also be seen as a productivity tool for remote workers because it makes it easier for remote teams to make software.

Most developers are already familiar with this platform and know that it lets you work with other remote developers to review code, manage projects, and make software as a team.


Trello: For Keeping track of projects


Trello is one of the most popular tools for managing projects with a team that is far away.

It has a fun and collaborative task management panel where you can control teams, tasks, goals, and finished projects with cards, boards, and lists all on the same page.

You can build different project modules on Trello and assign tasks to each one. You can also update the project reports on the module’s panel so that the people who need them can see them.


Google Drive: Share and Work Together on Documents


Digital file management is important for the smooth operation of any business.

It’s even more important for companies that focus on remote work because workers in different places need to access files when they can’t reach their coworkers.

Google Drive makes it easy to talk to and work with team members and keep up with their feedback, even if they are in a different time zone. Google Drive is one of the most used work-from-home tools on this list because it is so popular and useful.


Facebook’s Workplace


Facebook created Workplace as a way for groups to work together from afar.

It lets the company connect all of its workers to the same resources on the same network. You can use this feature to make teams and share files with specific people.

The live video tool lets you broadcast directly to your team or company through the camera on your phone.

Security is another great thing about this tool, since Facebook’s security technology is used to back up the platform.

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